8U-14U Youth Travel Baseball League P.O. Box 54 Millersville, MD 21108

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JUNE 15-16, 2019



The annual CBA tournament is being hosted in several locations this year.
The umpire fees will be paid by CBA for the tournament.  Each team is responsible for providing baseballs for each of their respective tournament games.  Team managers are responsible for updating game scores within 30 minutes after the conclusion of the game


The tournament weekend is designed to be a three game minimum per team format (exceptions in divisions with an odd number of teams) with single elimination on Sunday. Most divisions will have multiple championship games: Gold, Silver and Bronze. A few divisions will have an additional Potomac or Patuxent bracket champions.  The single elimination seeding will be based on the pool play portion of the tournament using the criteria of 1) win/loss/tie record, if a tie exists then 2) head to head results 3) runs allowed 4) coin flip will be used to break the tie.

All teams should be prepared to play two games on Saturday and elimination games (up to 3 depending on brackets) on Sunday.

The normal CBA rules will be used with these notable changes:
1) No run limitations per inning
2) Free defensive substitution regardless of the amount of players in the batting line-up.  The regular season CBA rule of a pitcher once removed as a pitcher can not pitch again in the same game still applies. 
3)Teams may bat 9 players, their entire line-up or any number of batters in-between.
4)Once a batter enters the order, he is locked into that position and cannot be placed in another position in the batting order.  If the batter leaves the order and returns, he must return to his original position in the batting order.  
5) Teams may play with 8 players but must take an automatic out each time when the 9th batting position is reached.
6) Single elimination games must have a winner.  Ties are only allowed in the pool play segment of the tournament.
7) 8U will use the regular season rules with these areas emphasized:  6 pitches or 3 swings. If the batter keeps fouling off the 6th pitch the batter continues the at bat until the ball is put into play, swung and missed or no swing.  10 players allowed on defense but four must be in the outfield.  Coaches may pitch from 40 feet. Normal run limitations per inning in the 8U division


Inclement weather plan:

Weather forces cancelation of First round and Saturday games then regular season standings will determine Sunday single elimination seeding.
If weather forces cancelation of a portion of First round or Saturday games an attempt will be made to give every team the same amount of pool play games to determine the Sunday single elimination seeding. 
If weather forces cancelation of the tournament or portions then there is no rain date for the tournament. The season ends with no additional events or refunds.